Business teams and organisation

20 thoughts / notions on teams and motivation:

Plan around the three top level pillars in any business – marketing, finance, operations (production, HR and administration)

Process starts with the customer

Delegate a job worth doing

An organisation is a bunch of real people – not an ACN in orbit

A CEO and solo entrepreneur face the same business challenges, marketing, finance, operations and results. Respect the soloist as he does it alone.

GMs play technical roles to the CEO’s communication role

Strategy is where we are, where we are going and how

Change is what we do, how we do it

Effective communication includes good stories and mental imagery

Mission / purpose statements must state a purpose that creates a clear image

Integrity over time is vital to building trust

Genuine Teamwork – pulling together for the common goal (rowing) is rare in business, too much individual ambition and dysfunctional behaviour

Genuine motivation is also rare ; it requires a ” from the heart benefit “, which usually means a story with a human twist

A CEO must know what it is s/he wants to achieve

Clear purpose makes for good day to day small decisions

Culture, retention – is a rediscovered competitive advantage

Execution of strategy – is a rediscovered competitive advantage

Change requires a compelling benefit

A company creates both physical structure (market, product, distribution, premises) and a psychological profile (morale, motivation, focus)

Decision making is a process even if the responsibility of one person

Accountability is confounded by passage of time, MIS limitations, limitations of measures, multiple change projects, change of staff

Execution is movement

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