Marketing without Money





What are your marketing goals? What are your strategies and tactics ?

Do you have the marketing budget to compete ?

Nothing in marketing is simple and there is no one formula to achieve marketing success. When looking for ideas, a good place to start might be to swipe others’ winning moves.

In Marketing Without Money, John Lyons and  Edward De Bono teach you the stealth marketing techniques used by Australia’s top twenty entrepreneurs – how they create outstanding value for their customers, engage people in their cause and do it all creatively and provocatively.

Things that unsuccessful entrepreneurs fail to do.

Even if you have little or no start-up funding, even if you are facing strongly entrenched competitors, you nevertheless have the opportunity to steal the market using innovation and creativity.

To get things moving, here are 2 highly recommended essentials to action straightaway:

Create outstanding value

The single most important focus in your business should be the creation of outstanding value for your customers. You will always have the opportunity to create further value for a customer; people are never satisfied and are always looking for something better. The good news is that there are countless ways to create new and exceeding levels of value for your customers. But to be a successful creator of value, you must focus your company’s effort.

Market the benefit, not the product

Charles Revson, founder of Revlon cosmetics once said, ‘In the factory we make cosmetics, but in the drugstore we sell hope.’ Revson was a marketing pioneer. He recognised the difference between selling his product and selling his cause. This insight meant that he focused all his resources on creating that hope – from his product packaging and movie star endorsements to his retail environment emphasising beauty and glamour.

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