Data Entry

Forecasts / budgets
Business Planning models
Cash flow vs profit
Variance analysis
Monthly review
Working capital tracking
Activity statements
Procedure improvements
Profitability models
Year end schedules
Vba + Html/CSS

Flexible – half days, hours

Qualified accountant
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TAC facilitates BAS services provided by ABNBAS (BAS Agent number 91970004)

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A personalised bookkeeping service in the Sydney Metro area
Micros and SME’s
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Operated by a UK qualified accountant with many years Australian experience

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Data entry


BAS Services

Rates / Contact

A custom fit service including set up, data, finance reports, activity statements and small project management .

Other services as required in association with your external/internal accountant

Ideal for micro and small business

A service covering day to day sales, purchases, expenses, and general ledger journals

MYOB, QuickbooksOnline, Xero

Design and production of spreadsheets for business planning, scenarios /what – if analysis and accounting reports. Includes macros / vba.

TAC facilitates selected BAS services provided by ABNBAS (BAS Agent number 91970004) as part of the preparation of activity statements. TAC will support your tax agent in the provision of other BAS services.


Rates are negotiable, capped or a time basis . Ask about  rates a  3 month trial.


Assistance with finance planning, reporting and small project documentation


Do you have numerous projects which need tracking?


Do you need assistance with finance data for a business plan – profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow and links with working capital?


Do you need extra  resource for transactions input to MYOB, QuickbooksOnline or Xero?


Do you need operating statements, actual vs budget and analysis of variances ?


TAC facilitates lodgement of Activity statements by ABNBAS (BAS Agent number 91970004)


Day to day transactions, reconciliation

Accounting and data entry BAS services are provided by ABNBAS (BAS agent 91970004) – we facilitate this work offering a mobile service in the Sydney area.

We come to you or work online to work on MYOB, Quickbooks Online, Xero


  • – day to day sales and purchase transactions
  • – receipts and payments
  • – general journals
  • – up to trial balance
  • – production of reports from your accounting software


Utilise your accounting software tools to better report and analyse the performance of your business

TAC can help in production of KPI dashboards, profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow statements for both actuals and budget, and comments on variances.

Opinion - Bookkeepers are not going extinct any time soon


Civilisations have always been obsessed with accurate records – for both legal and accounting purposes. Its nothing new, reflecting the perennial need to prove transactions in all areas, commercial, government and family.
Memorable examples abound – Egypt, Rome, their graneries and wine cellars; slave traders and their meticulous records kept of their “cargo” on atlantic crossings.


In the modern era we have wider horizons – the size and scope of society and enterprise has exploded – as witnessed by the size of companies on the world’s stock markets.

This has been enabled by the impact of computers which have changed what is possible and the speed of  transactions.

However the same obsession with accurate books and their importance for life and business decisions remains.

Looking forward, the pace of IT change is relentless.

Remarkable things have been achieved so far, and even more will be achieved next 30 years.

Full automation and thinking robots capable of editing their own code are already here and may be unleashed into day to day life within 30 yrs – almost certainly within 100 yrs.
In 3 to 4 generations a machine may be able to do all the tasks of a bookkeeper autonomously.

BUT even then there will be an effort required of bookkeepers – not to do the gathering and recording but to check the validity of output and the direction the self programming machines have taken. Also, “full” machine automation with robots may or may not be a good thing for big business, but it is unlikely to be cost beneficial for small to medium sized enterprises, which still form the vast majority of registered businesses.


Assistance with design, production of spreadsheets including macros / vba to supplement and augment the reports from your accounting system

From business planning in the start up phase to operational budgets,TAC can help in the design, production and reconciliation of the data.

Also analysis and utilisation of spreasheet databases to support decision making, with supporting graphics.

And not least, the production of “what if” scenarios for decision making and strategic plans.


Selected BAS Services are provided by ABNBAS (ABN 151 407  316 57). We coordinate  and facilitate these services. This setup provides more quality control and reassurance for you, and legal compliance for us

What does this mean?



Rates are flexible and  negotiable, dependant on the terms of engagement and can be time based or capped with interim billing based on progress made to assist cash flow planning.

Mob: 043 9465 057